Where have we been & where are we going?

We here at Troop 540 are a very active troop.  Over the last couple of years we have camped all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and parts of  Virginia; and I forgot to mention Louisiana!!

In 2016 we were the first troop in South Carolina to venture to “The Swamp Base.”  Where our troop canoed over 60 miles of the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana.  It is worth looking into at: www.bsaswampbase.org

Some of the other places and trips we have taken are: Linville Gorge/Elk Mountain Horse back riding, Cheraw State Park (had to boat in), Backpacking at South Mountain, Stone Mountain NC, Bicycling and camping the Virginia Creeper Trail, Camp Kinard in Columbia SC, Kings Mountain, Pisgah Nation Forest NC, Table Rock State Park SC, Dreher Island State Park, Winterplace Skiing

We also have big plans ahead looking at canoeing down the Piedmont River and camping, more bicycling, hiking, and we have been selected for a reservation in 2018 to the Florida Sea Base.  These young men are making big plans and following through.  If you or your son wants to be a part come visit with us; we’d love to have you.

Sense of Urgency

There is no doubt that time is a person’s most precious resource. We never realize how precious time is until we run out of it. George Burns had 100 years, yet he never had time for his final performance.

We all waste too much of this precious resource. Many years ago people began teaching methods of improving time management skills, and introduced the concept of 1435 in order to prove a major point. What is 1435? It is the number of minutes left in the day after we waste five minutes. For the average person, we waste over one-third of our workday/schoolday, either procrastinating or working on tasks that will not help us achieve our long-term objectives.

The key to getting more done? Developing a sense of urgency with regard to what needs to be accomplished. A simple exercise will demonstrate the different state of mind that we must achieve.

Imagine your last vacation. The serenity of knowing that you didn’t have to check messages or get up at a certain time. Perhaps you had no special agenda. After a few days of unwinding, work/school was the furthest from your mind (hopefully).

Now think of the day before you left on that vacation. Do you now have a different memory? Was that day a little more stressful? We would venture to say that the day before you left was your most effective time management day of the year. That day you accomplished more than any other. You quickly determined priorities and went about achieving those priorities. If you failed, you would not get out of town on time, or receive a poor final grade. The day before vacation you had an urgency about what needed to get done. The key to better time management is to develop this sense of urgency every day of your life. How do you do that?

Perhaps we should take more vacations!

What it takes to make a successful Boy Scout Troop

There are several things that go into making a successful troop.  You start with a good mix of scouts, from older to younger.  You need well trained Senior Patrol Leader, and Patrol Leaders.  You need trained adult leaders (Scout Master, and Assistants) to oversee meetings and events.  Last you need a full committee to make sure the Scouts have what they need.

Lets start with the scouts.  It is important to have a mix of older and younger scouts.  The troop is run by the boys, so the older boys train the younger boys how to work together.  The older boys and boy leaders set the level of expectation and then they hold the younger boys accountable to meet that expectation.  If they are given good direction they will meet the expectation every time.

The leaders are the next important ingredient.  They are the adult supervision for the meetings and events.  They guide the senior patrol leader and the patrol leaders.  They take care of the administrative parts of the camp-outs.  They ensure the boy leaders plans move the younger boys in the right direction.

Last is the committee.  This can be one of the most important parts of a successful troop. They are responsible for making sure the adult leaders meet the requirements for their position.  They have to ensure the troop has all of the equipment it needs to run.  It is their responsibility to make sure the troop stays in the views of the charted organization.  They are responsible for the administration of the troop.  The committee should be all of the parents that are not adult leaders.

If the troop has all of the above ingredients then they will have a successful program.